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Entropic Design Printed Signature with AR

Medium: Augmented Reality + Print: Ink jet print on cotton rag. Saddle-stitch. Fold-out middle spread.

Purpose: Research document. 16-page signature of design work researching the dissolution of a cultural heritage through handmade visual texture and experimental typography.


Entropy is a process of gradual decline as a system loses the strength to maintain itself. It begins with disorder and results in complete transformation. 


I am the daughter of an Iranian and an American, and a citizen of both countries. Two distinctly separate nations, each of which harbors suspicions of the other. Living in a Western culture, I have experienced the slow dissolution of my Middle Eastern heritage. I see entropy as a metaphor for this dissolution. I have struggled to maintain my Iranian roots and find I am losing my grip on the threads of a culture passed down from generations.


This work is focused on employing entropy in the process of design and image making by using the transformation of my cultural identity as primary content.

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