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Kinetic Typography

Artist Statement: 

This work grows from the battle between permanence and impermanence, the idle and the vibrant, clarity and ambiguity. Inspired to move type off of the printed page, I begin cutting typographic form from pieces of paper, gradually building walls made of sheets with holes carrying language, but free of the burden of forming words to communicate sentences. Gradually the wall grows, becoming a large, flimsy, cut-paper structure of related language saying nothing at all. Projecting moving images upon this stagnant structure of typographic surface invigorates, breaks way for new form and creates new, albeit transitory life. 

Kinetic TypoGraphy captures the transient movement of projections upon layered typographic form. Handmade two-dimensional surfaces gain volume and live a fleeting sculptural life as they interrupt projections of light and image. This exhibit displays twelve unedited photographs and one animation. Each geometric, layered, and complex still image is the result of one session of projections. 

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