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apart poster project

With 150 designs, the Apart Poster Project has donated $15,000 to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

My contribution to this project is dedicated to our medical workers. We’re processing a lot of feelings right now. Ultimately, at the end of each day, the thing I feel the most is gratitude to those working in health care. So, here’s a big freaking “thank you” to our medics risking everything every day. Some stay away from home to protect those they love, and some will never go home again. Each paper flower was made using items on hand and in thanks to our medics.

Purchase a Heroes of Health postcard pack here. These postcards celebrate heroic acts big and small, real and imagined.

Visit the virtual gallery here. Designed and curated by the creative directors at Paradowski Creative, 3D artists, and technology teams, this thoughtfully-arranged, museum-scale exhibit takes place entirely in a shared social space accessible via mobile and desktop web browsers and in virtual reality.

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