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Client: Angel’s Envy™, a national Bacardi® brand

Project Description: One-year run distillery retail limited edition exclusive silk-screened t-shirt featuring the work of a Kentucky-based artist. The Angel’s Envy Distillery is part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It is toured by around 600 people per week, and visited by hundreds more. The Angel’s Envy consumer is: 60% male, 30-55 years old, typically 100k+/year household - but Angel’s Envy distillery enjoys a somewhat wider range of consumer because of their location on the downtown Louisville, KY bourbon trail. 

Angel’s Envy 2019 Artist Series Design: This distillery-exclusive shirt is historically the top-selling item in the shop. Only 20 items are sold currently, many of them unique and custom made. This design features the heart of the distillery: The Spirit Safe. The Angel’s Envy custom-made glass and metal apparatus allows the distiller to make cuts and adjustments to the spirit without ever coming into contact with it, and is often the subject of selfies by those taking tours of the distillery.

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