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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation estimates COVID-19 set us back 25 years in 25 weeks.

—Goalkeepers 2020 Report

COVID-19 Impact on South Carolina Small Business

Six small businesses across the South Carolina coast and midlands were interviewed in 2021 about their experience and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the images below for our interviews. Listen, read, and experience the augmented reality postcards.

This project serves as an augmented reality experience archive of stories from small business owners in the state of South Carolina and was made possible by an Advanced Support for Innovative Research Excellence Grant from the University of South Carolina Office of the Vice President for Research.


Interview with Carrie Morey, owner 

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Charleston, South Carolina


Interview with Jody Kruesh, owner

The Divine Cinnamon Roll Deli

Columbia, South Carolina


Interview with Bobby Bostick,

Creative Director, Partner 

Click Communication Arts

Charleston, South Carolina


Interview with Porter Barron + Rhett Elliot, owners 

The War Mouth

Columbia, South Carolina


Rita Patel & Marcus Munse, owners

Hotel Trundle

Columbia, South Carolina


Henry Mandrell, co-owner 

Summit Cycles

Columbia, South Carolina

Drawn Daily is a daily project archiving small businesses, local culture, and human experience spanning several cities and states over 10 years. View the entire series.

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